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The world of cybercrime is growing, organizing and structuring itself over the years, causing billions of dollars in damage with increasingly sophisticated attacks.

On the other hand, cyber security products are overwhelming the internal teams with thousands of alerts.

All alerts are important, but which ones are critical? Which ones actually show which vulnerabilities should be fixed now, rather than others?

Rainforest helps cybersecurity teams be more efficient and effective by detecting fake profiles, leaks, fraudulent applications, and vulnerabilities that require immediate remediation, reducing staffing shortages, team overload, and delays in detecting and fixing critical issues.

Integrating any development roadmap brings the world of cybersecurity into DevOps, creating a view teams didn’t have before.

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Simplify corporate
reputation protection

Rainforest mitigates risks related to applications vulnerabilities and brand threats, providing a cyber security ecosystem to simplify corporate reputation protection by using multiple intelligences and pro-active observability.

Our core values

Customer Centric

All we do is thinking in deliver best and faster solutions to provide safety.

High Standards

Each and every one of us are the best at what we do, don’t accept excuses: the job MUST be done.

Dive Deep

We are not superficial. In order to be on the top, we dive deep.

Results Centric

It’s not about “what we play” or “how we play”, what matters the most is “HOW WE WIN”.

Everything you need to keep your application cloud assets company safe.

One platform: multiple possibilities.
Don’t wait until be too late to protect your company.


Get real data update about fraud domains, URLs and social media pages/profiles impersonating you in an attempt to defraud others.


Monitor if data, credentials and more information about your company is leaked and is for sale on surface, deep and dark web.


Transform your DevOps cycle into DevSecOps with ease, assuring your application is safe and sound.


Modern and scalable infrastructure are main components to a multi cloud environment. Identify and get alerts of vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.


Cloud environments are complex, but doesn’t need to be that way: get in hand all main security controls of your cloud and make your  environment safer and stable.

Platform Overview

Get a 360º overview of Rainforest and get and end-to-end  cyber security platform helping your company be more secure.


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