Tips For Using Smart Devices Safely

Smart devices have helped to make our lives so much more convenient. However, they can also pose a significant safety threat. Whether you are using a smartphone or smart home products, as they are connected to the internet, they remain vulnerable to hackers. So, how can you make sure you use these smart devices safely? […]

Simple Cybersecurity Measures For Individuals

Most people in the civilized world these days use computers. The devices are not just accessories and equipment aiding academic studies, computers are made to connect online, which in turn could facilitate actual and basic transactions: you could shop, bank, pay bills, transfer funds, reserve tickets, conduct businesses, and do just about anything you need […]

The Future Of Cyber Security Jobs

Cybercriminals are growing phenomenally. Cyber security professionals and police, however, are in a depressing number. This is because cyber security, for the most part, is a relatively new area of information technology, recently pushed over the top by the increasing number of Internet frauds and scams, cyber thefts, system crashes, and other forms of cyber […]

More Governments Acquire Awareness of Cybersecurity Challenges

As the issues of cybersecurity become one of the most pressing concerns of countries, governments are acting without hesitation to find solutions to current and future Internet security problems. This is not surprising given the fact that cybersecurity fever spreads like wildfire globally. Experts aggressively warn that if appropriate Internet security measures are not conducted […]

Exposing Myths in Cyber Security

We all know that cyber security is fundamental. Having a good password is crucial to keep confidential information protected. We know that having an anti-virus, anti-malware, and spyware application does wonders especially when you’re connected to a network or the web. Having all those applications is a good thing but we also know that having […]

How to Spot a Fake Website?

There are hundreds of thousands of websites online and not all of them can be trusted. Some are designed with malicious intent, there to steal your personal information. Shopping or browsing through a fake website can pose a lot of security issues. So, how exactly can you spot a fake website? Here are some of […]

How To Make Your Password Strong

How to Make Your Password Strong and Remember It Sick of trying to figure out your online passwords? Whichever sites you try and register with these days, you’re practically always met with, “be sure to use a strong password”. The trouble is, you can’t use anything that would be easy to guess. Ultimately, you create […]

What is and how To Defend Yourself From Man in the middle Attacks

How to Defend Yourself from MITM Attacks There are many types of cyber security attacks out there and MITM is one of the most common. Known as a Man-In-The-Middle attack, there are different types to be aware of and each poses its own issues. So, what exactly is a MITM attack and how can you prevent them? […]

How Social Media Scams Work And How To Spot Them

Social media has become deeply ingrained in our daily lives. While it can be an invaluable platform for keeping in touch with friends and family, it also poses some pretty big security risks. There are a lot of scams operating through social media channels. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it’s important to be […]

How Much Virus Protection Do You Need?

As computer and smart device operating systems continue to become more secure, many questions whether they actually need additional protection. The simple answer here is yes. Although operating systems like Windows 10 are more secure, they are not capable of protecting you against every threat. Fraudsters and cyber criminals are becoming increasingly smarter. So, you will […]